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Sponsored Review: 2 hours of heaven at Nail Alcove ( with PROMO CODE)


Today's post gonna be wordy and spammed with tons of pictures because what I'm gonna share here today, is definitely worth the flaunt! Read to the end of post to check out what good deal I have for you!

Like me, your first brush with manicures was probably with your closest friends past midnight, with tons of giggles and messy strokes. Or perhaps, as a young girl, you were fascinated with how cheerful that older girl was with her shimmery nails, or how classy the lady across the street came across with her deep red polished nails. Or when you were allowed your very first manicure, suddenly you felt just like a grown-up, even if you chose bright pink for your digits. 

You could totally one-up your friends with the best nail-art to go with your prom dress. A 3-D bouquet nail art would outlast any wedding bouquet, your work ensemble would only be complete with that perfect french manicure.  

Of course, I may not be the best at describing how beautiful their collection of nail polish is, or how your tired feet will feel utterly refreshed after our signature massage of invigorating euculyptus oils and wild thyme, or how supermodel your fingers will look after a spanking nail art masterpiece in which Nail Alcove girls gladly hunch their back for hours over...  But if you are looking for a cosy get-together with your girlfriends over beautiful manicures, with no rush, no factory lines, no hard sells... this is the place to be. 

They're an oasis in the middle of Chinatown, near many cafes and yummy dim sums. It's off the menu, but go with your friend and mention the 'girlfriends' discount'! They'll throw in the beauty treat of the month for free! 

If you have read my 5 bad habits here, you should have already knew the fact that I'm living my 24 years of life, "nail-less". I have done nail extensions before, but they fell off one day after. It might be due to my undersized nail beds, the bad workmanship or the lousy quality of acrylic used. I spent so much and they FELL OFF A DAY AFTER!!! I went back and they did not want to redo the tarnished one for me. YOU KNOW HOW IRRITATING THAT WAS! 

My habit of  peeling/biting my finger nails gonna stopped today. A big THANKS to Nail Alcove for having me over to enjoy the 2 hours of pampering session. Its was heaven! This surprise came in just in time for a big occasion, my sister's wedding!

The quaint Nail Alcove boasts of a blend of contemporary interior with classic chinese architecture - just the right ambience to get your spa pedicure or whimsical nail art done.

Very cozy interior.

2 floors parlour.
They have a wall filled with their nail related certifications!!

Some of their testimonials.

 My before nails. 

Here's what I did:

Sculptured Nail Extension (Acrylic) 
Classic Gellish Manicure 
(Includes shape, cuticle care, massage, gel colour, cuticle oil)
Nail Art 
Total: $140
The extensions are super sturdy despite my mini nail bed. And they look so freaking real! Great for girls like me who needs extra length and strength for their nails. My previous trip to another nail parlour already charged me $120 (for only the extensions, w/o Gelish Manicure and Nail art) and the result was so bad. I was actually running around the ballroom looking for my missing nail extension on my D&D night. At Nail Alcove, its only $140, an additional $20 for a good Gellish Manicure and Nail Art, I'll definitely be back again in future!
Worth it!

Classic Pedicure $38
(Includes shape, cuticle care, foot file and scrub, massage, colour and lastly cuticle oil)
Seriously, I have never done Pedi before and now, I feel that its as equally important as Mani. 
I was shocked at the amount of dead skin cells that was scrubbed off my feet. It flooded the basin I think. This is the result of  not taking care of my feet and taking them for granted. My uber short or almost nail-less toes looks kinda cute with some glitters pollished onto. =D

Organic Wild Thyme Foot Scrub $10
I headed over to Nail Alcove right after my 3 hours photoshoot with heels on, and this treatment relieved my tired and overworked feet. 
I have enjoyed the customised massage that improved circulation and scoured off my dead skin cells. I love it's fresh scent and tingly sensation. A little minty and cooling, most importantly S-H-I-O-K I would say. 
Legs and foot were Oh-So-Smooth~
Add this treatment atop your pedicure for only $10!

Getting started..
At Nail Alcove, they practice tip top hygiene standard. Every equipment and tools will be sanitized. Your hands, legs and feet too!

Yay! Done! My short and fat fingers looks kinda long after the nails extensions!

Happy! Oh yah, the couch is so comfy you'll fall asleep.


With Chloe!

Ok, some "selfies" for the beautiful set of nails.

Yay! I'm heading for sis's wedding with such gorgeous finger nails! 

Opening hours: 
Monday to Sunday 11am-9pm


59 Temple Street Singapore 058604

+65 62266278

How to go:
Exit A from Chinatown MRT Station. 
Walk along the back alley of  McDonald's behind the exit. 
When you reach to the road, you should be able to see their signage at your 10 o'clock direction.
Head up to 2nd floor and you'll find Nail Alcove!

Now comes the best part! 

Quote "Cherie Tay" to receive FREE DAISY NAIL ART like mine (Marc Jacob Inspired) with any Classic Gelish Manicure purchased. Their Classic Gelish Manicure is going for $50 nett. 

Cheap righttttt! Other parlours are increasing price due to festive seasons, but Nail Alcove actually gave such attractive promo for my readers. 

Nail Alcove is owned by local young entrepreneurs. Do support ok! 

Call them at  6226 6278 to book your appointment now to avoid disappointment! I bet you won't regret this awesome deal!

Promotion ends on 31st December 2013.

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